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      1. Research Notes

        Golden Heart Parade by Joseph Holt

        We all want to write novels. Novels, we think, are the greatest form of literary achievement. They’re ambitious, they’re plex, they explore themes that sustain readers over hundreds of pages.


        Castle by Peter Witte

        This oil painting is of a red castle towering over dark green foliage, set against a blue sky. Our perspective, as audience, places us on the ground, near the trees, looking up.

        Book Reviews

        King of the Animals by Josh Russell

        In King of the Animals, Josh Russell’s characters trade clothes, homes, kisses, insults, sad stories, and identities as they struggle to make sense of a nation changing faster than they can adapt.


        Knocks by Josh Krigman

        Months ago I made an arrangement with my neighbor. Whenever he wants to smoke a cigarette, which he always does out the open window in his living room, he knocks twice on our shared wall.

        Book Reviews

        Disintegration in Four Parts by Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Emily Anglin, Devon Code, and Lee Henderson

        This strange, charming, and wistful collection springs from a one-sentence starting point: “All purity is created by resemblance and disavowal.”


        How to Say Hey Bear and Why by Steph Sorensen

        They say that if you see a bear, you should speak these words: “Hey, Bear.”

        Book Reviews

        Living Dolls and Other Women by S. Montana Katz

        The Living Dolls and Other Women is a book with a mission: to remind us all (especially women) of How Things Used to Be.


        Nose Running by Russell Nichols

        A boy is born, nose running before he knows why, but he knows this place doesn’t feel like home…


        Book Reviews

        Love Stories for Hectic People by Catherine McNamara

        In Love Stories for Hectic People, Catherine McNamara collects thirty-three stories spanning a breathless ninety-nine pages. Never predictable or saccharine, the stories are funny, shocking, carnal, familial, transgressive, transcendent — and full of movement.


        Crematorium by Isabella Cruz

        The doctor gives me conflicting information about my heart.


        An interview with Ron Nyren

        A conversation with Ron Nyren about his recent novel The Book of Lost Light.